What is a Refurbished Computer?

What is a refurbished computer, and how does it differ from a used one? Whether you are purchasing a computer for your personal use or the whole office, you need to consider the differences in buying a used computer versus a refurbished computer.

A refurbished computer is commonly mistaken to be an old, faulty, or used one. However, this is not the case. Refurbished computers are usually either returned by customers who changed their minds, or a minor fault was discovered within it, meaning it can no longer legally be sold as ‘new.’

But, these computers are then fixed and thoroughly tested to ensure that they function correctly before being re-shelved for purchase.


What is a Used Computer?

A used computer, on the other hand, is one that was bought and used by someone for a certain period of time. They are often resold to earn back their investment, and are sold in the condition that they are currently in.



Used Vs. Refurbished Computers: The Pros and Cons

There are several differences to consider when deciding whether to buy a used or refurbished computer, including:


Pros for used computers

Used computers are more affordable than refurbished ones, but there is a higher chance that you will have to spend money to fix issues.


Cons for used computers

  • It is very unlikely that you would receive a warranty for used computers, making it even riskier to invest in one.
  • Once you buy a used computer from a seller, you will not be able to reach out for technical support if you run into any issues.
  • There is no guarantee of the used computer’s condition, and it usually is not at its best working capacity because it has been used before.


Pros for refurbished computers

  • Most computer manufacturing companies and stores offer a warranty on refurbished computers.
  • The computer store you buy a refurbished computer from is more likely to offer tech support if you need it.
  • The main difference between pre-owned and refurbished computers is that refurbished PCs are in better condition.
  • Refurbished computers are sold mainly by certified and experienced computer stores.


Cons for refurbished computers

As refurbished computers are usually in good condition, come with warranties, and work better, they cost a bit more than used computers. However, you should factor in the money you will be saving on fixes in the long run.


Unbox PC

There is quite a big difference between used and refurbished computers, and while each has pros and cons, refurbished PCs are a more worthy investment, as they are sold from a reliable source, have warranties, and are sold in superb condition.

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