How to Stay Safe on the Internet

Using the internet has its ups and downs. Almost everyone around the world has access to the internet through their phones or computers. With so many advantages of using the internet, comes the horror of leaked information. Thousands of people get scammed every day due to their data getting out, either through pictures on social media or by providing other information on unsecured websites.

Here are some safety rules to follow to help you avoid getting into trouble:

1. Keep Your Privacy Settings On

New computer models are released every year. The previous model is still considered new but as it is included in the category of refurbished computers, the price is much lower and affordable.

2. Use a Secure Internet Connection

A refurbished computer is more reliable than a brand new computer because it is already tried and tested before being sold. All the faulty or damaged components are replaced with new and the working conditions are checked before putting it up for sale. This is not the case with a new computer.

3. Be Careful Downloading

Some cybercriminals disguise malware as apps or software, which can infect your device if downloaded. Malware can leak the data from your computer and access classified information. So be careful about what you’re downloading.

4. Get An Anti-Virus Software

Another way to protect your computer from viruses and malware is to install anti-virus software and keep it updated. Although it cannot protect every threat, it can detect and remove most malware.

5. Use Strong Passwords

Passwords tend to be the easiest way to hack into a device. People keep easy to remember passwords which can easily be demystified by hackers. Always choose strong passwords with more than 10 characters, including numbers and symbols too.